Stop poaching and snares, please report to SAAPF.


It is our moral duty to preserve wild animals and nature for once these animals are killed they can never be replaced as already mankind has exterminated for ever over a hundred different species of animals and birds.Where interests of human beings are paramount and that wherever human beings are in conflict with wild life it is the wild life that must go.

Preserve nature for the generations to come and that lie ahead.

Man has introduced a new dimension---poaching-----into the struggle for existence of many animal species and the problem now facing man is whether to allow it or preserve our natural heritage before it is too late. As more land is brought under cultivation to meet people needs less remains for wild life and so wild life will be reduced.


no animal could survive exploitation on this current scale and for many years and leads to wholesale destruction. Balance of nature must be kept as poaching has a contributory factor in the reduction of wild life.Poacher must be assured of an adequate financial reward in order to produce.

Two main reasons for poaching

-GREED(MONEY)----Ivory, skins, rhino horn
-FOOD  ---- Obtain meat for sale.

Poaching forms an important part in the annihilation of animal species.Only way to protect wild life is for the country in which it lives to grant it absolute protection against poachers-----ACTIVE CONSERVATION----- or else it would decline until there’s nothing left.

The extermination of the rhino is due to the curious commercial value placed on its horn and fetched an extremely high prize. For the poacher it is worth the considerable risk to obtain its horn and thereby severe measures must be took by nature conservation and game park owners to reduce poaching.

Must enforce protective measures to prevent poaching and snares. Snares catch anything and if the animal breaks free it is maimed for life.

Make things difficult for the poacher as they recognize the fact that there is a law against poaching BUT WITHOUT ENFORECING THE LAW he is free to do as he chooses and pleases.